Advanced Math

Our Advanced Math program is available for motivated students in grades 5-8 who meet the requirements including a teacher recommendation and two other requirements. The advanced math teacher reviews all of the students and invites students to join this class.


At St. James, we recognize the importance of technology in the world today, as well the influence that it will have in the future.

We are proud to be able to offer SMART boards throughout the school so teachers can teach lessons more interactively with students using online resources. Our Mac computer lab is available for all grades to use, as well as Chromebooks for the 7th and 8th graders. We have 2 traveling iPad carts that allows students to conveniently access the internet and apps throughout the school. Our library includes a media center with PC computers which allows students to research and explore the web for projects or schoolwork. Wireless connectivity throughout the school makes it easy for students and teachers to use the internet efficiently.

Lab Learner

The Lab Learner science curriculum in grades pre-K-8 has students engaging in hands-on science labs, which involves working in small groups utilizing math and writing skills. The students can develop a deeper understanding of the concepts they explore in science

Learning Support

Enrichment, remedial help, and support of students with mild learning disabilities is available on a limited basis for qualified students. For students to be eligible to receive classroom and testing accommodations, formal testing must be on record. 

Moby Max

Moby Max is a completely integrated system to support students in learning and closing any learning gaps. Moby Max integrates differentiation, academic skills, and maximum integration. Teachers in grades K – 8 assign lessons and invite students to use knowledge to advance through the program. Moby Max was purchased using funds from the CARES Act.

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