The interscholastic athletic program at Saint James Catholic School embodies the school’s core values: knowledge and goodness integrated. Our program, grounded in integrity, promotes character development and collaboration. We believe that athletic competition is a powerful teacher. Physical and mental challenges in a team context offer athletes the opportunity to develop leadership skills, self–confidence and a commitment to others that will inspire them to lead productive and active lives.

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5th grade basketball


St. James Catholic School offers a variety of athletic opportunities for our students. Our coaches volunteer their time and talent under the leadership of our athletic director.


St. James Catholic School offers the following sports during the year:


Cross Country


Flag Football






Saint James Athletic Association (SJAA)

The Saint James Athletic Association is a branch of the Home & School Association. The SJAA provides support to the Athletic Director by way of committee support, financial resources, and support for the athletic programs at Saint James Catholic School, emphasizing rapport and cooperation among parents and others interested in advancing good sportsmanship and athletics. 

For more information or to volunteer your time, please contact the SJAA at

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